Monday, January 6, 2014

Broccoli: The New Breadcrumbs — Old Ingredient, New Trick


A new year means new goals. And for many people that includes changing food habits, cutting down on junk, and eating better. Sounds good. In theory. But resolutions around diets tend to be tedious and limiting, and are about as exciting as a bowl of wilted Brussels sprouts. And who really wants to kick off 2014 with a list of should nots and cannots?

What if this year, instead of making a resolution to eat more healthfully, we make a promise to cook more playfully? And instead of focusing on items to cut out (chips, butter, cheese) we focus on ingredients to use in their place (kale, avocado, and butternut squash). See what I did there? I’m talking about replacements instead of restrictions. And that sounds a lot more exciting. Let's start with broccoli.


from Jessica Goldman Foung

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