Thursday, March 1, 2012

Muffin Recipes

Irish Coffee Muffins Recipe 

The unique and delicious flavors of Irish Coffee come together in these delicious Irish Coffee Muffins. Flavorful coffee liqueur and Irish Whiskey are baked into the light, fluffy and moist muffins, making them a delicious treat any time! Whether you serve them for a unique breakfast at your next brunch, or enjoy them as an after dinner treat, along with a cup of Irish Coffee, this original and inspiring recipe will be an instant favorite!

Apple Butter Muffins Recipe

Meet the Cook: As an ex-farm girl, I have fond memories of making apple butter with my grandmother. I often bake muffins for my husband and me to eat during job breaks. I work part-time, but the best part of my week is the time I spend at home being a wife and a mother to our daughter, born just last November. -Anita Bell, Gallatin, Tennessee



English Muffin Recipe 

 English muffins are one those foods that never really occurred to me to make from scratch. I had a similar revelation with pita bread, actually. Sure, I bake loaves of bread quite often and have even made things like brioche, challah and bagels. Yet, for some reason it seems that there are foods that somehow magically appear in their packaging and surely must not have been made by human hands. For me, English muffins always fell into this category. They are perfectly split, have those nooks and crannies that so expertly collect pools of butter and jam, and are covered with a dusting of cornmeal that may have been sprinkled by the bread fairy. Imagine my shock when I finally hunkered down to make English muffins and discovered that they are actually EASY! No harder, in fact, than a simple loaf of white bread.

Scrambled Egg Muffin Recipe 

 These aren't your ordinary muffins--they're made with plenty of eggs, a little milk, cheese, spinach, tomato, basil, and only a little flour, spooned into muffin cups.

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